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There's much to see here. But first, we want you to learn all there is to know about us.   SDS Solutions, LLC is a professional solutions and service company.  We are proud to provide customer support professionals the opportunities to support major brand companies through the Arise platform.    It is our desire to establish and maintain business to business relationships that include your expertise and commitment to support with excellence.   After all, when you join the team, you will be considered a business owner - without the hassle of paying all the fees required to setup and launch a successful business.  Here's the BLUF (bottom line up front):  we want to see you AND your family succeed so when you are ready to eliminate your commute, make some extra revenue, spend more time with your family or simply build your skill set in customer support or technical areas, let us know.  

We're ready to walk with you through the process of registering to work from home.    

Don't forget to ask us for our FEIN.  You'll need it to register  with our company as the call center you'll partner with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Fees?

SDS Solutions' only service fee is a flat fee of $19.75 per service period which covers the bi-monthly platform service fee invoiced by Arise for each CSP.

The ARISE® service fee is charged for the infrastructure that Arise provides, including the ARISE® 24-Hour Client Technical Support Help Desk and STARMATIC® scheduling system and WILLOW® accounting services. 

NOTE:  Currently, there is no fee for a required background check.  You must be able to pass this check and possibly a drug test before you can proceed and begin servicing companies.  (Results from the background check within 4-5 days of submission.  Your profile will be updated accordingly.

Why Do I Pay For Certification?

Think of it this way.  You are not an employee but a Self Employed Independent Contractor.  Certification is like paying your way through specialized training so it is an investment in your success right?   These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses that provide information on the client’s systems that you will be using to service, as well as the requirements for the program.  

To be successful in any business - especially as a business owner or independent contractor - you invest in yourself to obtain professional training.  Education is necessary for your best future!

How Much Do I Earn?

The great thing about being your own boss is that you get to set your own hours; thus make as much revenue as you'd like.  It's totally up to you to decide how many hours you are willing to service your desired Fortune 500 company.   Arise Client pay rates will be  available to you prior to your enrolling in a Client Certification class.  

Depending upon the client (major brand) you select, you could earn up to $15 an hour.

What Type of Services Will I Provide?

Arise clients offer a wide variety of corporations for which you can certify your business.  Client services are not limited to just taking or making calls, your business can also choose to provide email, chat or technical support to Arise Clients.   Inbound call types may include any or a combination of the following: sales, customer service, chat and technical support for major brands to include office supply chains, cruise lines, telecommunications & internet providers, medical billing, roadside assistance, repair service, and many more to choose from.

How Do I Know This Opportunity is Legitimate?

Arise is recognized as an industry leader and have been featured on several national news segments including Good Morning America, Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN and the TODAY Show, just to name a few. Additionally, we have also been recognized by the White House for leading virtual job creation in the U.S and have won many awards including Outstanding Minority Business of the Year, Business Intelligence Group’s 2013 Green Company of the Year and CallCenter Magazine Product of the Year Award. 

How Do I Get Started?

Complete the Arise Admissions process and request to join SDS Solutions LLC - IB ID# 95736

  1. Ensure that you have a working computer that will meet Arise’s guidelines (DOWNLOAD Arise Workstation Requirements Guide below)
  2. Purchase a USB headset for certification. This is a headset that plugs into your computer
  3. Purchase a headset that can plug into your landline telephone. (Cordless phones are not accepted)
  4. Have or prepare to have a landline telephone or a digital phoneline with no features (At this time, you cannot use Magic Jack, Vonage, etc).

Workstation Requirements Guide

5 Benefits of Working from Home

Download to find out how working from home will benefit you and your family.  Embrace 2018 and dare to trust yourself.

Benefits of Working from Home (pdf)


FAQs (pdf)


4-Step Process

    • Create a profile (click REGISTER NOW) IB ID #95736
  • NDA
    • Sign a non-disclosure agreement to access client names & details
    • Enter (our) FEIN (provided at registration - please ask us for this number)
    • After discussing options, we'll help you choose the client program(s) you would like to service.